Contractor Workers Compensation in North Carolina

It's surprising how many construction subcontractors I run across that have no workers compensation coverage. When we ask if they have insurance, it's necessary to always specify both General Liability and Workers Compensation.

Now, I'm not from around here. But I am a licensed Property & Casualty insurance agent in another state. I am familiar with basic requirements of Workers Compensation.

NC Workers Compensation law exempts some organizations from being required to be covered by workers compensation. For instance, if an employer has 2 or fewer employees. However, it does not exempt anyone from workers compensation liability.

This means that even though the law does not require a subcontractor to have Workers Compensation, because maybe it's just one guy and a helper, it does not absolve or protect the General Contractor, or property owner, from ultimate liability when injury happens.

It's going to cost someone, just depends who and how much. If a subcontractor presents proof of insurance without Workers Compensation, either they need to purchase coverage, or the person or company hiring them, or the owner. To be protected from a Workers Compensation claim, Workers Compensation coverage must be in force.

Find our more on the NC Industrial Commission website, or give your favorite Independent Insurance Agent a call.